Dec 18, 2010

Saturday Morning Daybook

Miss Jo March hosts the Saturday Morning Daybook over at her blog, Scraps from My Workbasket

Date... December 18, 2010
Starting time... 2:25am
Mood...happy and smiley!

Outside my window...snow, snow, and OH YEAH, more snow!

I'm thinking...I can't wait till the sugar cookies are done chilling so I can roll them out with the siblings!

I'm currently reading...The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis {love it!}
I'm listening to...the baby's swing rocking back and forth

I'm favorite jeans, my green thermal long-sleeved tee from Aeropostale, my white camisole, and my amazing, soft, warm, black jacket!

I'm looking forward to...Christmas Eve! We are going to watch our cousins perform in their church's play 'The Christmas Shoes'!

I'm hoping..that I will get a cello for Christmas or my birthday (which is February 2nd!) ! (breath is held currently)

Yesterday, I...celebrated an early Christmas with family!

I'm hungry for...sugar cookies....go figure!

The song stuck inside my head is..."Christmas Eve in Sarajevo 12/24" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Epicly (that's not a word) amazing! Best Christmas song EVER!

I love...Christmastide!
I loathe...stuffed mushrooms! *gags, runs to get a bucket*

This week, my goal make sugar cookies {again, go figure}, to perform well as 'Mary' in our Christmas program....and to love others!

Did I meet last week's goal?...Yep.

Ending time...2:30 pm

This was some great fun! Be sure to go to Jo March's blog to do this!


Lily said...

Fun! I enjoyed reading your answers! ;)



Shelley said...

Yum, sugar cookies! :) Hope you get that cello for Christmas!