Dec 20, 2010

miscellany monday

1. gingersnaps
Thanks Grandpa, for giving us these uber-yummy cookies! I just had one for lunch and the awesome taste is still in my may I have another? Gingersnaps are a must-have for Christmastide! 

2. texting
So like my awesome friend lives in California and texting keeps her and I in contact daily, hourly, and minutely! She's my most frequent texting buddy and we exchange texts all day when we're not in school! Yes, we do have a life, we do other things! Grin, grin. Let me just conclude with....i <3 texting.

3. followers & comments
I've started getting a lot more of followers and comments lately! It's so refreshing to think people actually want to follow this blog and comment on it. :) I  mean, one evening I got 4 new followers! It makes me feel so much better that people appreciate my blog even more than I knew they already do. I have a thought question for ya'll: Would you rather have tons of followers and barely any comments or barely any followers and tons of comments? Hmm......

4. barely any zits
*cheer, cheer!* I've made my goal, there are barely any zits on my head and the ones that exist are teeny and very un-noticable! Recently I had two dark red zits on my forehead. They were right across from one another, on top of each eye. It looked pretty ridiculous.

5. Christmastime is here!
Yes, I'm sure you knew that, smarties. But now it's sinking in that Christmas is 5 days away! I'm so excited. My favorite tradition of ours is on Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story {from Luke 2} and the fictional book " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas". Then we all sleep down in the family room by the Christmas tree. What are your special Christmas traditions?


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