Jan 4, 2011

blizzard blog design: i'm on the team

Some very exciting news: I joined Blizzard Blog Design, a team of girls {Kiki, Kendra, Anna Katherine, Anna Faith, and myself} working to make great {and free} designs for everyone!

Since I joined this, I decided to close my private design site. I didn't get any orders, and I'm sure it'll be just sitting around not getting touched.

If you need an adorable blog design, head over to Blizzard Blog Design and order a design from me or one of my team members! Remember, we're completely free and it's easy to order.


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

How exciting!! I've never seen the site and so I was delighted to find out about it! So many adorable designs (for free!!). There are not a lot of free designs that are so cute right now, so it was neat to see one! If I ever get a new design, I'll definitely consider this lovely website!

P.S. Sorry about not entering your photo contest...I took a few days off of blogging a while ago and ran out of file space and forgot, so I apologize! If you ever have another one, please let me know!!

Lily said...

I agree with Elizabeth, I've never seen Blizzard designs before but it was such a joy to check it out! I'll be visiting there more, too, even though I don't need a design since I dont even have a blog. But there are so many CUTE designs on there. It must be fun to be on the Blizzard Designs Team! So, congratulations!!!