Jan 5, 2011


Wow, lots of people have been posting 'confessions' on their blogs, I love the idea.

Confession: I almost cried when I read Maggie's post that she had almost cried about a romantic engagement story!

Confession: I am going skiing, and very excited about it, yet don't have a clue about skiing..?

Confession: I love Picnik! :) :)

Confession: I have about 10 the Rubyz songs on my iPod. and considering getting more!

Confession: My violin teacher is amazing. And so is my piano teacher. I really love them.

Confession: I am a very bad photographer! One of my new year's goals was 'to snap at least a picture a day'. I haven't snapped any this week. :(


↘Cassidy↙ said...

confession: cute post.

Ceanna said...

Cool Blog! i follow u now!

Ceanna, love your button on blizzard blog design.


ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I love the idea of writing a 'confessions' post. Your's is so cute :)

Lily said...

Note: I think I've already commented on this post, but I can't remember. So, I'm commenting again!! :D
I love reading confessions of bloggers. :D Even though I'm not exactly classified as a blogger, I have some confessions too.

Confession: I am so happy for you that you got not 50, but 60 followers. 60!!!

Confession: I should go and eat lunch right now but I don't want to. (don't ask me the reason why!)

Confession: General science is confusing, even though I'm a whole year behind and should be in physical.

Confession: I almost cried when I read the engagement story too!

Confession: I am very into photography, though I'm not very 'good' at it either. Depends on how 'good' you think good is.

Confession: This was a very long comment. My apologies.


P.S. You're going LOVE skiing! (is it snow skiing, I'm guessing? I LOVE IT!!)