Jan 10, 2011

miscellany monday

1. chapped lips
As a result of me not applying chap stick to my lips before skiing, my lips are icky, dried, and cracked. Yuck! I think next time I ski, I'll apply a coat {or two...or three...} of chap stick on. :( I'm "experiencing the consequences of my past actions" right now....

2. orchestra
Our Jr. High symphony is back to practice after about a month-long break. It was a nice break, but I'm very glad we are back to practice. We have some pretty awesome songs for our pops concert {a fun concert with modern-ish songs, in contrast to songs with classical music}. 

We have 1) Kalimba {African song, we have to do pizzicato, which is plucking instead of bowing} 2) Chumbara, and 3) Concertino for the Alto Saxophone. The concertino is pretty original. It was actually written by Russell Moore, for our conductor Brian Cole! Mr. Moore will actually play his saxophone {he is amazing at it. he's traveled the world on saxophone tours!} with our orchestra at our January 30th concert! We will also be getting a few more selections next week. 

Also in February we'll be touring some elementary public schools in the city playing a few of our songs. That should be pretty interesting.

3. of gluten-free cookies and spaghetti...

After orchestra yesterday my friend and I went to my grandma's house to eat supper {or dinner, as some of you southerners may call it}. We ate gluten-free spaghetti, dill green beans, rye bread, and more 'health nut' type things. :) I tried the gluten-free cookies, which tasted like pop tarts {which are a once-and-a-while treat for me!}. Yummilicious.



↘Cassidy↙ said...

i love kalimba, i'm surprised someone else knew what that song was. :)

Anonymous said...

I awarded you on my blog LULU!