Jan 8, 2011

we went skiing

 My dad, sister, my brother, and I went skiing with some friends. This was my first time skiing {like ever} and me and my friend Renae were a little nervous on how things would go.

Fortunately, we caught on quickly and I eventually went down a few black hills. {translation: black hills are the most challenging on the course!} Of course, I convinced Renae to go down a few steep and scary ones with me and it was hilarious watching her tumble down one hill screaming, me skiing right along very speedily.

I love skiing! My dad is awesome at it and taught me a few of his techniques. I in turn taught them to Renae and we're both very excited to go skiing again in a couple weeks with our Sunday school class!

I am very sorry I don't have any pictures! We were really busy and barely had any time to take any. :( Next time! :P

The snack and drink prices were outrageous at Andes {that was the name of the ski resort we went to}. Soda was $2.00 and my favorite candy, Salted Nut Roll, was $1.50! At WalMart, Salted Nut Rolls are 69 cents. I suppose they can easily get by with charging so much because everyone's so hungry!

There was one point where my friend Renae and I were on the ski lift just sitting there not talking. All of a sudden we all said {at the same time} 'THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!' it was hilarious. I had a few humiliating moments at Andes. There was one time where I fell off the ski lift! I'm pretty sure that everyone in line had a smirk or a giggle at that. I'm sure it looked pretty ridiculous. None of the people on my team let me hear the end of that! I had a couple of other 'moments' that I don't think I'll share. :) 

I just close with this: skiing is an amazing sport and great for lots of exercise {Renae said she could eat as many Pringles as she wanted because she was just going to ski all the fat off!} and a great time.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun Lulu,


↘Cassidy↙ said...

skiing rocks, if i'm not mistaken. glad you had fun! :)

Lily said...

Congratulations on your first time skiing! I've been snow skiing many times in my life, but
you went down a BLACK on your first time?!?! Wow! I've only been on one black in my whole life and I totally wiped out! lol. From then on I stuck to greens and blues. :D
Sounds like awesome fun!!!! Glad you had a good time.


miss m said...

I have never tried skiing...yet.'
I'm glad you had a nice time.