Jan 17, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

                                              1. giveaway

I'm having an awesome giveaway, starting next week! Oh my goodness, you are going to be so pumped about this. [evil laugh goes here] I'll just have to leave you in suspense until then.

2. awful beautiful design

I love my new blog design! :) I just figured out how to do page icons and I'm so totally PUMPED. :) I am forming a background and I'd love if you'd grab my new button!

3. hot cocoa love

Yesterday at orchestra we had hot cocoa. Delicious hot cocoa filled with yummy marshmallows. Hot cocoa that had lots of cocoa in it (some cocoa doesn't have enough!). Hot cocoa that burnt my tongue and I felt it all the way home. The hot cocoa that our conductor ordered from the cafeteria specially for his awesome orchestra members. (grin) I love hot cocoa.

4. reunite

Yesterday before orchestra I got to visit my camp counselor, Lydia! I got to go to her dorm at college and just talk and hang out! She is so much fun to talk to, mostly because she's an excellent listener. She's so my type - same fashion, same technology (apple laptop and iPod touch!), and same faith, most importantly. I was so blessed to be able to see Lydia again after camp.

5. i hate uppercase letters

Omigoodness I'm being like Carlotta. :) That's a good thing though. But oh goodness, I hate uppercase letters! Why do I even use them? I have no idea. I guess it's just more organized when capitalize everything - but seriously. I think Carlotta and I need to start a petition to ABOLISH uppercase letters on the blogging world! :(

6. my favorite jeans ever.

So I have this certain pair of jeans. This pair of jeans that I wear twice in a week (without washing them. hey!). The pair of jeans that I wash anytime the washer is open just so I can wear them the next day. I can't believe that I have a huge amount of jeans and only wear 1-2 pairs of jeans a week. What should I do? Donate the rest to the salvation army? Send them to my favorite blogger? *grin*

~Lulu Maggie~  
(like my new name? Maggie's my middle name!)


Lily said...

1. I am EXCITED for the giveaway; too cool! Even though I may not enter, I will still definitely be excited to see what you're giving away! :D
2. Actually when I opened your site, I thought, "Wow, what a cute design!" haha!! So, if you're getting an even cuter design ready, I'll be blown away!
3. I LUV hot cocoa as well! so rich and creamy.
4. Aw, that would be so fun to reunite with your camp counsellor!!
5. I somewhat agree. But I am pretty much stuck to uppercase letters.
6. I actually wear skirts more often than I wear jeans, just because I do. Anyways.

Luv your middle name! :D


Arianna said...

Oohhhh, giveaway! :) I have a favorite pair of jeans too!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

love the new look!

i love one pair of jeans in particular: my beautiful new dark skinnies.

lower case letters should go to japan. and stay there.

coco is the best thing since microwave bologna.

Elizabeth said...

1. I'm excited for the giveaway, too! So excited to hear what you are giving away, Lulu!
2. I really love your new design!! The page icons are adorable, dear! And of course your header, background, button, etc. are adorable, too. =)
3. Oh yes, hot cocoa is so yummy! Especially after an afternoon of playing outside in the snow or sledding!
4. So glad you got to see your friend again! I'm sure that was fun.
5. I think blog post titles in lowercase letters are really adorable. =)
6. I have a favorite pair, too~lovely, darker-colored jeans. My grandma altered them a bit to make them fit me better and I love 'em! But I do agree with Lily-I love my skirts, too.

Blessings! Love your blog, dear!

Annie said...

Hi Lulu,
I may just have to do a few "Miscellany Mondays" soon...such a great idea for all the random ideas floating around in your head that are too small for a blog post of their own. =)
Can't wait to see what you're giving away. ;)
Your new blog design is adorable...you do a great job for only being in 7th grade!!
I love hot cocoa too. In fact, I just posted a photo of it on my blog. =)
You must have had a lot of fun with your camp counselor! I would LOVE to reunite with the girls I counseled at camp last summer.
Agreeing with Elizabeth: lowercase letters are adorable for blog post headers. 'Nuff said. =)
I know what you mean about having a favorite piece of clothing. I have a certain aqua colored blouse and a jean skirt that I absolutely can't get enough of! =)
Well, this comment is getting quite lengthy. Have a wonderfully blessed day Lulu!
With joy in Christ,

Lulu Maggie said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! :)