Jan 18, 2011

challenge; project 365

I just decided to host a project 365 challenge! What is a project 365? you ask. A project 365 is where you do something once a day, every day, for one year.

project 365

The project 365 I'm doing is photography. Yep. One picture every day for one year. So here are the rules.

1. Take at least one picture per day
2. Every week, post the pictures that you've taken for the past seven days.
3. I will post my photography every week, too, on my project 365 blog, and when I post, go there and you can link-up your project 365 post (I will provide a linky tool.). You also need to take the button from that blog and include it on every project 365 post you do.

So who's up for a challenge? I'm sure this will be a big challenge for me, considering I barely touch my camera. I'm so excited to do this, and with other people joining and encouraging each other, I'm sure it will be easier.

Please comment and let me know if you're in, and I'll feature your name/blog link in my sidebar! Spread the word (button coming soon) about this, and we'll have lots of people doing a fun project 365.

Remember, we start today, so take a picture today, too! (note: the reason I said just once a week you post with the past pictures is because you don't want your whole blog to be your project 365 posts every day. So just post once a week, or, start a separate blog for your project, like I did.)

This happens to be my favorite photo. I just had to post this!

Just to clarify, you need to enter here, click my project 365 button, and that is the blog where you will link up your photography posts.

~Lulu Maggie~


Erin and Co. said...

I just started my project three days ago sound it sounds like fun!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

i'll do this...sounds like a lot of fun! :)