Jan 13, 2011

photography challenge; unedited photos

Photography Challenge

It's time for another photography challenge here at my blog!

This time, I have a category. :) The category is: Unedited Photos! You know, those pictures you thought you'd never expose to the outside world, and the picture you CERTAINLY would never enter in a photography contest.

So dish those pictures! I'll pick my favorite unedited photo.

1) It must be an unedited photo (no watermarks, crops, blemish-fix, etc.)
2) You must post the picture on your blog, with the photography challenge button above {and put it on your sidebar!}.
3) When you're done posting your picture on your blog, enter the link in the linky list below.
Finalists will be posted January 21st, 2011, which is when you can start voting! And remember, spread the word. It's more fun when there are more entries.


Gwendolyn said...

Hi! So, do you mean really "poor" looking photos? Because I've got lots of those :).


↘Cassidy↙ said...

i'menteringi'menteringti'mentering right now!!!!!

Jade said...

this sounds cool! i might be interested :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm really excited, Lulu! I love unedited photos because they are authentic and not touched up. It is so wonderful to work toward capturing a beautiful photo in the first place. I'll probably be linking up soon!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Libby said...

I would enter but only if i can but a watermark on it because i have to watermark my photos if i put them online.

Sarah Grace said...

Sorry , I accidentally entered twice ! My entry is the sunset .

Icebat said...

I forgot to put my title. but thats ok. when will you do another one of the contests? its fun to look at who won and other peoples entries!