Feb 2, 2011

i owe..

.....someone a BIG thank-you! Wondering who this person is? It is.....the wonderful Bethany from Joyfull Girl Creations! She designed this lovely little blog of mine. And it's gorgeous. And free. Yes, I said FREE. It took only 2 days to complete, whereas some 'big' blog designers charge ridiculous amounts of money and take forever to finish your design. But Bethany was free, beautiful, and quick. I highly recommend her. She was very easy to communicate with.

Thanks again, Bethany! You're amazing!

Also - thanks everybody for your sweet birthday wishes. I'm having an awesome day so far - breakfast in bed, and out to eat at Johnny Carino's (Italian -- yummy!), and a sleepover on the weekend. Eep {this is my favorite word, can't you tell?!?}.


Gracie said...

It's a lovely blog design :)

Thanks for your comment too!!

michaela said...

You turned 13? Awesome, I turned 13 on sunday! Bethany's designs are wonderful aren't they? I haven't seen one I didn't like!

Annie said...

Wow, Lulu! Your new design is beautiful! I LOVE it!!
I might just have to contact Bethany. =)

Abby said...

How beautiful!

Abby :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Beautitful, Lulu! One of my favorites of all of the designs you have done on your blog! Especially love the header, divider & signature!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

happy birthday yesterday! 13 is a very big year!!! hope it was a wonderful celebration! your blog design is adorable.

ps. i was going to add your button, only because you are a sweetie pie! : ) but, i don't see a button?!