Feb 3, 2011

13 words for my 13th

awesome, beautiful, amazing, special, wonderful, fun, sweet, delicious, fantastic, fabulous, marvelous, epic, lovely

So yes, it was a very special day. I started off the day with breakfast in bed! I had *cough* three cinnamon rolls, a cup of smoothie, and a few pineapple slices. Then I went to piano lessons then came home. In the evening I got to go out to eat with  my grandma at Johnny Carino's, which is yummy Italian food. Then we went to the mall and Coldstone, which is some really delicious ice cream.

Yes, my birthday was very special, I had a wonderful day! And the fun's not over yet....I get to spend the weekend with another grandma and have friends over for sledding and a sleepover. Fun, fun, fun. :)

Well, I hope you had a wonderful Groundhog's Day yesterday! ;)


Lily said...

Oh, what a fun birthday, Lulu! I remember my 13th birthday party. It was a BLAST! :D Have tons of fun!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Happy Birthday, Lulu!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday! =) My 13th was very special, too!


Anna Gray said...

Happy 13th birthday, LuLu! I hope you have a very special day! :D

Alexandra! said...

Happy (belated) birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun Lulu.

By the way, I got my necklace. I love it, it's SO cute.


Maggie said...

Yes, I'm getting my new blog design this week! I am super excited because the design is totally me! I've just been working on getting some posts pulled together for the relaunch because I've been super busy lately!