Feb 24, 2011

lies bloggers believe

Okay, so I'll start off with this: There's no such thing as a bad blogger.
You can blog how you want, when you want, and where you want. Your blog is a place to be you. A place to let your heart spill. A place of your own.

I'm extremely happy to present....

First of all - you shouldn't blog to have followers. You should blog to inspire, followers or not. I realized this after I posted about wanting more followers. It doesn't really matter. I'd be content with blogging the rest of my life with 84 followers.

 Beep. Wrong answer. I know lots of great bloggers that have very few followers. I can't explain why you don't have followers, but I can tell you that you can be a great blogger without any 

 Uh, no. You do not have to have a professional design and I think a lot of 'good designers' have this in their head. You don't even have to have a fancy header to have a good blog.

Wrong again. You don't have to be a 'good photographer' to have an amazing blog. Need pretty pictures for your post? Go to Google Images and search for the picture you're looking for. Then you can have amazing pictures even if you aren't the best photographer. 

 *gasp, choke, faint* NOT. So-called 'big bloggers' have lots of followers. Yeah. Let's throw a party. But that doesn't automatically make them amazing bloggers. You are every bit as 'good' as the 'big bloggers'. Remember this - just because some people have tons of followers/comments/publicity doesn't make them a better person. God views all of His children the same, stunning blog or not.
'Big Bloggers' are no more valuable than you.


Abby said...

This is so true! (And encouraging) I love your blog!

Abby :D

Hannah said...

Hi Lulu! Thanks for this post! Its really good and so true! But, I still would like more followers. HAHA =P BTW, I LOVE your new blog design! :D

↘Cassidy↙ said...

this is a very good post. very true. :)

Andrea Nicole said...

this was AWESOME Lulu! thanks sooo much! God bless you, friend :)

Lily said...

So true! Thanks for sharing! =)

Anna Gray said...

*blissful sigh* THANK YOU! and AMEN! :)

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

You are absolutely right about all of these! And I REALLY love your blog template. It's so cute!