Feb 22, 2011

orchesra touring

We had an orchestra tour today! Our orchestra toured three different schools in 3 different towns. I think it was a blast. I'm definitely looking forward to next year's tour already. =)


We rode on a huge fancy bus to the different schools, and played the same songs at each one. The 'little elementary children' loved it. It was really cute watching them clap and smile. They got involved in the concert a little {my orchestra conductor is very good about that} and enjoyed every minute, I think.


I play the violin in the orchestra, and so do some of my other friends. My cousin {who I'm too shy to talk to} Erika plays the cello. Then there are a few other random acquaintences, too. Orchestra is definitely something I enjoy and will keep doing as long as I can.

 {upright bass}

If you play a stringed instrument, I'd highly recommend participating in a youth orchestra/symphony. It's definitely worth the time and effort! The pros definitely are more than the cons for me.


Have an excellent day.

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Anna Gray said...

Oh how fun! I love the violin (I don't play it) and it is so pretty just to look at. I'm sure you did a wonderful job LuLu, dear! :)

Marieanne said...

I play cello and I love it! I'm in a orchestra too :)

Andrea Nicole said...

wow I didnt know you play violin! i play cello! i played in an orchestra for years and toured too! it was so much fun! :) glad you had a great time!

Rachel said...

I play the violin and live it!I also play chimes and bells.But I don't play in an orchestra.

Lily said...

Oh, Lulu, how FUN to play in an orchestra! =) I would LOVE to play violin someday. For now, I'm content enough with the piano. But I do hope to learn violin! :)


Catie said...

Haha, I play the flute!! :) I'm just in a little ensemble group right now, but I made it into Junior District Band too! So I'll get that music soon, for a concert in April...;)