Feb 7, 2011

miscellany monday

1. challenge
I'm currently participating in a practice challenge hosted by my violin teacher. The challenge is to practice a lot, and to be the one who practices the most each month. I'm really excited about this. I probably haven't been practicing violin as much as I should, and this is already helping. I practiced an hour today....I hope to practice at least an hour every day. ;) 

2. extra small....small....medium
 Okay, so I remember the days where I could manage fitting into extra small juniors' size. Then it crawled along to small. Now I'm in medium. That really shocked me - I was at Aeropostale trying on clothes, and size small was skin tight. Sheesh. I think it's time to say 'I wear medium'. Trying not to stress about it. :)

3. cut back
 I'm going to be cutting back on blogging, emailing, designing, and general computer stuff. Blogging used to come to my mind probably too often, and I think I was getting a little consumed by it. So, I'm not going to post every day. I might not even post every other day. We'll see how this goes, and there may be a small blogging break in my future. ;) I think this 'cut-back' will be really good for me. 

4. go packers!
The Packers won the Super Bowl yesterday......oh yeah! The only real reason I rooted for them is because the Vikings didn't make it {shame, Minnesota!} and I normally root for the Vikings. I was taught not to support the Steelers....they were the 'arch enemy' of the Cowboys and my mom is from Texas. So, therefore I cheered for the Packers. :) So, boo-hoo Steelers. I'm sorry if you're a fan of them....but...well....

5. bash
Saturday I'm having a sleepover bash with my friends...for my 13th birthday. :) They are going to come over, we're going to sled, paint nails, giggle, and have a great time. :) We're going to have about 7 people here.....so......wow.....

6. photography challenge
 I foresee a photography challenge in the future.....anyone else up for another one?!? I sure am. Eep. I'll have to have one sometime soon. 

That's my miscellany for ya..have a great Monday! I'm feeling very...accomplished today. Ah. Sigh. That feels good. :)    
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Abby said...

Yeah, unfortunately, I out-grew the small size too. Now I'm more like a large. :P

I would love to see another photo challenge!

Love the new design, by the way! It's so you (even though I've never actually met you :\)


Abby :D

Abby said...

PS. Did I ever tell you that my sister's name is Maggie? :)

Abby :D

Annie said...

Please do not stress over being a size medium! God made you just the way you are, and you are beautiful to Him no matter what. Growing to a larger size only means that you are just another step away from being a young woman. =)
Many blessings,

Hannah said...


Lily said...

I think I know why I enjoy your miscellany mondays so much...they're random! And I am a very random person.
Wow Lily...that was just brilliant.


Go Packers!! Yay :D I never really liked the Steelers either but I feel a little bad for 'em.
It was awesome @ the end of the game where the one Packers player being interviewed said 'to God be all the glory!' Or something like that. Did u hear that? I just luv when that happens. In front of the whole world.

Thank you for listening to my many ramblings. ;) I have to go now. But have a great b-day party! Sounds awesome!

Bethany said...

Haha, everywhere I turn it is Packer talk. I am currently living in Wisconsin from Green Bay, and you can only imagine the endless talk about it. It's over - phew! (high fives to your Mum - TX is my homeland - the only place fit livin'. :)

Hope you have a great time with the sleepover. :)

Michaela said...

haha...I understand about the clothing sizes! I am nearly 20 years old, but only 4'9". In regular womens and petite clothing I wear size small...but though I can still fit in children's, (and obviously jrs,) I often have to get much larger sizes. They make everything tons smaller then the actual size of the label. So don't fret! Size medium in Juniors is REALLY a small - for a normal sized person that doesn't want to wear skin-tight, immodest clothing. ;) hehe Anyway, had to get that our of my system! :)

Keep up the lovely work with you blog!

samarah said...

Did you get my email about my blog design? just wondering!

much love,

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Love reading your misc. monday posts, Lulu! I'm working on cutting back on computer, blogging time, too, and I've found it well worth it when you spend more time with your family and serving others. But somedays I can be hard! Have fun at your birthday bash! And I'm excited for your next photo challenge!

Joyfully in Jesus,
P.S. I agree with Annie-God made you perfectly beautiful just as you are!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I think a lot of Aero's clothing is already smaller than regular sizes, so no need to fret, my dear! =)


Joy said...

I usually go for the vikes too, but went with the Packers this time...now everybody is mad at me :)
hope you don't cut back TOO much on blogging!
Sounds like a fun party!!