Feb 6, 2011


 {happy super bowl sunday, everybody! go packers!!}

Success at what you ask? I went to Aeropostale {awesome store, by the way. would highly recommend going there.} on Friday, and had success in finding some awesome clothes. My dear grandmother {who I spent the weekend with} took me shopping for my birthday. Fun times.

First of all....two cute camisoles. To wear under more see through-ish shirts and that cardigan that needs a special look. Who doesn't like floral print camisoles?!?

Next, an awesome cardigan {mine is actually blue, but they didn't have a blue one online.}

Next, two pairs of jeans. They look kinda weird in this picture but they're gorgeous in real-life.

And....some really comfy gray sweatpants, which I happen to be wearing right now. They are super comfy not to mention cute. :)

I also got 3 more long-sleeved shirts, which I can't find on the Aeropostale website, again. Oh well.

There ya go, you got to see some of my favorite clothes. I would put them on and model for you..I'm just too lazy this beautiful Sunday.

Have a great week. 


Lily said...

It's so fun to buy new clothes, isn't it! I have a ton of hand-me-downs but I love that too. Looks like you got some pretty adorable shirts and jeans! I love those sweatpants too. ;)


P.S. Yay, the Packers won!!! :D I was so rooting for 'em.

Hannah said...

I love new clothes, and aeropostle has the cutest stuff ever!

Tori Martin said...

oh i like the tank's and sweats! :)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

So lovely, Lulu! Lots of beautiful clothing. Love the cardigan and sweats especially! Sometimes I'm a little upset that Aeropostle puts their logo on pretty much everything they sell, but oh well... =) Anyway-cute things!