Feb 15, 2011

our weekend

Lulu (left) Nell (right)

Becca (left) Lulu (right)

2 friends - Becca (left) Ivy (right)

Three friends - Mariah (left) Shey (middle) Katie (right)
Lulu (left) Renae (right)

My wonderful friends surprised me with this happy birthday snowman....I love it!

Mm-yummy snow! Becca (left) Renae (right)

Hmm...we seem to like snow....(Becca)

Givin' me the funny face...(Renae)
Lulu (left) Rachel (right)
Funny faces Lulu (left) Renae (right)

Caught in the middle of a laugh - Nell (left) Renae (right)
Lulu (left) Casey (right)
Where is the setting, you ask? The beautiful hills near my house. I had my friends and a few of my sister's friends over for sledding/sleepover..we had so much fun! We did nails (and ended up with 35 bottles of nail polish!), hair, and movies. Renae curled Rachel's hair for church the next morning - it turned out beautiful! When our group of girls gets together....there's no telling how much fun we'll have! <3 <3 love you girlssss!


Bethany said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had TONS of fun! By the way, vote for me on Arianna's blog, please?