Feb 16, 2011


Read this to find out a lot about me.

3 favorite foods: Spaghetti, Lasagna, Pizza
3 favorite singers: Britt Nicole, Jasmine Sagginario, Krystal Myers
3 favorite movies: Ace of Hearts, Uncle Nino, Race to Witch Mountain
3 favorite holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter
3 favorite iPod apps: Doodle Jump, Textfree, Flixster
3 favorite songs: Baila Chiquita, Make a Movie, Yeah
3 people I look up to: Mom, Dad, Grandma K {awesome godly people!}
3 favorite books of the Bible: James, Hebrews, Psalms
3 favorite states: North Dakota, New York, California
3 favorite colors: Green, blue, yellow
3 favorite activities: journaling, reading, writing
3 favorite days of the week: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday
3 favorite school subjects: Literature, Life Science, History
3 favorite animals: Dog, dolphin, lion
3 favorite TV shows: Say Yes to the Dress, Fatal Attractions, Cake Boss
3 favorite instruments: Piano, violin, cello
3 favorite bloggers: Carlotta, Hannah, Olivia
3 favorite names[besides my own:)]: Ellie, Rachel, Amelia
3 closest friends: Renae, Rachel, Amanda
3 people-I-feel-guilty-about-not-introducing-myself-to: Erika, Ashley, Rachel R.
3 favorite fonts: Century Gothic, Georgia, Times New Roman
3 favorite fruits: Apple, pineapple, orange
3 favorite seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
3 favorite stores: Aeropostale{<3<3<3}, Forever 21, American Eagle
3 favorite beauty items: Nail polish, concealer, lip gloss
3 pet peeves: Messy bedrooms, half peeled off nail polish, teeny little kids wearing makeup{bleh!}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Had to post this! Feel like ya know me a little more? Take this and say you stole it from me:) Not to be confused with a tag, please. ;)


Anonymous said...

Cool, I think I might do it too.


Anna Faith said...


Lily said...

Well, I'll say what everyone else is saying.


;) Those were so fun to read, Lulu! I can definitely relate to a couple. ;)