Mar 5, 2011

are you a writer?

If you are - I commend you! Writing is not easy, and it's more than just writing words.

Writing is my way of expressing real-life problems/situations with fictitious characters and a fictitious plot. I love formulating the main character's personality, name, stereotype - all of it. I love researching and discovering new ideas. I love sitting at my computer and letting my ideas flow.

I think writing is a God-given gift that some people are blessed with. Making up a story and telling it orally is different from writing the words and formulating them on paper (or Microsoft Word, in my case:D) . I don't think everyone is able to do that easily - some people are given a gift of speaking, some of writing, some of music, some of math. I think you get my drift.

Here are a few of my writing tips: (though everyone has their own style.)

1. take it in steps.
Write a rough draft of your story idea. Don't pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or anything like that. Just get down what want your story to look like. Next, revise. Look for grammar errors-run on sentences, comma splices, fragments, etc. Then, proofread for capitalization and spelling. You will now have a pretty good story.

2. no copycats!
Don't copy other people's story ideas. Be creative - think of your own ideas. It's tempting for me to look at someone else's story or essay, and want to use that same plot/idea, but I can't. It's just not fair to the person who originally thought of the idea.

3. use microsoft word.
Most people have Microsoft Word already loaded on their computer. MW (microsoft word) is a place where you can type up your stories. There are nice fonts, colors, clip art, and more. This is where I write all of my stories/essays/etc.

That's basically all I have to offer, folks.

Most of all, when you're writing, have fun! Formulate your own style. Be yourself when you write.


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I agree with all of these! (:

Anonymous said...

Great tips!