Mar 2, 2011


That spells joy, in case that didn't occur to you.

Joy is really important to have because it radiates Christ. Don't sit around sulking and looking all mad. Even if you're not trying to, this can come across wrong to people. This has happened to me at church. I was really, truly, and seriously paying attention to the sermon, but apparently looked mad. My mom approached me afterward and told me about this. I still have problems with this sometimes but now I'm aware and try to work on it.

Joy isn't necessarily a synonym for happiness. Happiness is temporary. Happiness is scheduled. Happiness comes when good things happen. Joy lasts and stays forever in a true Christian's life.

Joy is different. Joy is being thankful and glad all the time for Christ. It doesn't mean you have to walk around smiling all cheesy-like and putting on a fake gladness. No. Not at all. {I'm not saying don't smile. I'm saying don't fake it.}

{I will be back from vacation on April 1st.}


Rachel said...

I'll miss you!BTW,m middle names's joy!

Rachel said...

I'll miss you!BTW,my middle name's joy!

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

Have a great time at your vacation! (: