Jun 25, 2011

saturday photography link-up

I decided every Saturday that I can, to have a photography link-up. :)

The theme for this Saturday is: OUTDOORS

This may be children outdoors, plants outdoors, pets outdoors, just a picture of nature, whatever! Just make sure it's outside. :)

here's an example.
this is my sister (right) and her best friend Becca (left).

1. it must be your own photo. 
{no Pinterest, Google Images, Photobucket, etc.}
2. obviously, it must meet the criteria of the category (outdoors).
3. post the photo on your blog, then comment with the link.
4. this link-up will end on monday. i will announce the finalists tuesday and you can vote.
5. voting ends on thursday. whoever has the most votes wins.
6. the winner will get their photo in a post, with a blog button and a summary of your blog from me. 
7. you must be a follower to enter.
8. have fun!


Andrea Nicole said...

aweee this is a cute picture! miss you maggie (:

Anonymous said...

I follow you!! Here is my entry:
http://likeastar27.blogspot.com/2011/06/photo-contest_25.html :)
P.S. I cannot believe we've met, either!!

-grace said...

aw, cute picture! :)

here is my photo (i posted it on flickr, is that okay?)



Anonymous said...

I entered,


Anonymous said...

entered here, the first picture :)