Nov 23, 2011

abc's of thanks

A) animals.
B) beaches.
C) creamy corn. & chocolate.
D) dogs.
E) everything beautiful.
F) friends.
G) grandparents.
H) Hebrews. ilovethatbook.
I) ice cold diet coke.
J) jell-o.
K) kite flying in the summer.
L) laughing.
M) milk.
N) nice warm hot chocolate. 
O) overly warm days in November!
P) people. ilovepeople. {and more importantly parents}
Q) quiet. i love stillness. even though i'm loud sometimes!
R) rest.
S) siblings.
T) talking. oh what would i do without it?
U) 'Umbrella' (the song)
V) violins.
W) weather. all kinds.
X) xhiliration. ( a brand of shoes! )
Y) yellow. the color.
Z) zebra stripes.

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks


Gwendolyn said...

Yes! We all have so much to be thankful for :) Have a great Thanksgiving, you wonderful girl.

Lulu Maggie said...

Gwendolyn! :) You have a very happy Thanksgiving yourself, deary.
Love you! and MISS YOU! Ah, but it was so much fun seeing you at Lizzie's birthday party!

Lily Marie said...

Happy, happy thanksgiving Lulu! =) What a great idea to do thankful abcs! Can I do my own? ;)
All I have that God has given me
Eirwyn (the name)
Family & Friends
God's promises
Ice cream
Kingdom Series
Normal life
Quirky-ness (because I'm full of it!)
Unique anything
Voice of the Martyrs
Xtra blessings God bestows that I never deserve in the least!
Y? (why?) The ability to ask questions and be curious about be our own self, and not someone else.
Zzzzzs when I'm tired...and I do love zebra stripes too. ;)
Anyways, sorry I ran out of some ideas about halfway through. ;) It's a little too late to stay focused!!
So, I just wanted to say thank you, Lulu, for the post, and thank You, Jesus, for everything You are and and everything You did for me! And everything You will do!