Nov 22, 2011

of Bath & Body Works.

I'm a very loyal Bath & Body Works fan.  
I mean very loyal. 
I own all of these scents:
Sun-Ripened Raspberry

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Sparkling Peach

Pink Sugarplum

Paris Amour

Sea Island Cotton

Blushing Cherry Blossom

Yes, I'm quite the loyal fan. :) 
My favorite scent is Pink Sugarplum.Very girly! 
Second place would have to go to Warm Vanilla Sugar. 


and on Bath & Body Works' Facebook page they're giving a huge bag of goodies (over $100 value!) to anyone who shares one of their posts. Being the sucker that I am, of course I shared. There will be 20 winners. Maybe I'm one of them? ;)

click HERE to go the giveaway (only for people with Facebook accounts, sorry)
click HERE to go to the website and drool over their stuff. 
p.s. your local mall probably has a B&BW shop, too. :)


Annie said...

Mmm! I love lotions too. =) Those look like they smell delicious.

Lily Marie said...

*sigh* I can almost smell those right through the screen. ;)

Lulu Maggie said...

Hey girlies! :)
You both should come over and sniff them all with me. Please? ;)
♥, me(:

Rachel said...

We live pretty close to a mall that has B&BW and oh! I just love that store!:) It smells w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. I've had the peach one and then I've tried Paris Amour (LOVE IT!:) before. I'll have to try those other ones sometime too.