Nov 7, 2011

my random life♥

hello, lovely friends and followers
wow, it's been a while since i've done a random post.
i miss those. 
i've been super busy lately with school, church, music, family, and friends. 
buuuut, the craziness has been jam-packed with loads of FUN too!
i've had a sleepover every weekend for a month. yeah, good stuff. 
sleepover #1: my sister's b-day party. she invited her closest girlfriends becca & camille. we went to a movie, out to eat, and had a sleepover. oh yeah, and raided target. 

 the adorable miss camille 

 pretty becca!

 ....and my gorgeous sister.

 camille after her ugly makeover. ;) i still think she looks cute :)

 becca after her ugly makeover. cutie.

 *ahem* that'd be my sister. :P love the mole!!!

 camille after pretty makeover. doesn't need makeup to be cute ;)
 then there's me. can you tell i'm tired and it's late? ;)

 adorable camille & i

 camille during her makeover


then, my besties amanda & amanda (yes, both of their names are amanda ;D) came over and had a sleepover. we stayed up late, talked, and had balloon volleyball. sorry, camera was out of battery. :) loveeee you twooo like you wouldn't believe. you're amazing! i cry with you, manda, i laugh with youu, i sing with you,  i dance with you. 

then, this past saturday, i had a sleepover with abigail h., bestieee. she lives quite far from me so it was a real treat. ;) it was at her grandparent's house -- super amazing fun people! we went to a basketball game and watched tv. and talked. and ate. and yes, slept :)

then, last night had dinner with my cuzzy erika and her daddy. chinese food. yummy! so much fun
and yes, my life is crazy, busy, (cello, piano, violin, orchestra, church), and BEAUTIFUL . sometimes i overlook the simple stuff of life and sometimes that's the most amazing part! :) love your life. love the simple stuff. love the sibs, the parents, the girlfriends, the teachers, the pastors. they're all part of your CRAZY, BEAUTIFUL, life! 


Lily Marie said...

Oh Lulu, I've missed your random posts!! =) This one was especially fun to read: I also am a HUGE sleepover girl. Friends are so special!
That is so neat how you have bffs with the same name! Must get quite confusing at times. ;)
Anyways, thanks for the update! Loved it!

Sierra said...

I think life has just been busy for everyone :) Sleepovers are great! I slept over at my friends house last Friday...we stayed up until 2:00 :P Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Natalia said...

Aw, you are SO pretty... those makeovers and sleepovers seem like loads of fun! It sounds like you've been having lots of fun! have a lovely night :)


Sarah H said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!