Nov 14, 2011


I'm a name freak. I love to write down possible names for my children (when/if I have any), and doodle all over them. Soo, as something fun, I just decided to tell y'all some of my favorite names. :) Enjoy!

Jada Marie
Britta Rae
Emii Grace
Shayla Mae
Layla Faith

Cayden Trust
Aidan Troy
Corbin Allen
Blake Alexander
Conner Hayden

What do you think? What are your favorites? 
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Lily Marie said...

I'm a name freak too. I LOVE Aidan for a boy and Leyla for a girl. Here are some of my favorites for my future children! =)
Kindra Elizabeth
Anna Ruth
Rowena Mae
Eirwyn Rose
Keira Joy
I LOVE Keanna (key-anna) too, but it's a little too close to Kindra and Keira.
And for boys,
Aiden Matthew
Kenneth Robert
Jedediah Mark (we'd call him Jude)
Edmond something (can't figure out the middle name)
Anyways, you have great name ideas! I would like to have all my children be named Bible names, but then I'd have to let Keanna go. ;) So, maybe not.

Lulu Maggie said...

You'll never believe - Keira is one of my names! I just forgot it on that post. :) I loove the name Jedediah! :)
Love ya!
P.S. We need to MEET sometime!!

Emily Sacra said...

My favorite is Jada Marie! I would love to name my daughter Alaina Marie, but I found out that it means Cheerful Bitterness :D Haha! I love the name Kiera too, but I would spell it Kiara :) I also like the name David Nathanial, or Nathanial David.

Gwendolyn said...

amazing names :)
Mind if I copy a few?