Dec 31, 2011

That's life.

Life brings twists and turns, ups and downs, and disappointments. You may think one thing but someone else tells you another. That's life. We all need to get used to getting told 'no' because the more we're used to it the less we're disappointed when we are told no. Make sense?
Today I was met with a disappointment - I was planning a shopping date with one of my besties but my dad said I can't go, that I need to stay around here. I was very upset (I'm still getting over it) but my mom assured me that we will work something else out and that the world isn't over yet!

Oh, by the way - Happy New Year 2012! What are y'all doing? We are having family out and staying up until midnight (and beyond!). I can barely wait for the festivities to begin!

Have a great day and a great 2012. I'll write next year. =D


Abby said...

Oh, I'm sorry! That is disappointing. We were going to go to a New Year's party, but then we got sick. Hope you feel better soon, and have a great New Year!

Lily Marie said...

Things like that can be so depressing! It is ridiculously hard to submit to our parents especially when it comes down to fun times w/ friends! I'll pray for you to get over it. I have a difficult time dealing with stuff like that and would probably mope around for like weeks. But then again, that's life. ;) And compared to other people, we have pretty relaxed, luxurious lives. I am too blessed to complain.
Love you!