Jan 3, 2012

me 2012.

this is me.
this is lulu.
this is real.
i love life.
i like to smile.
i have brown hair,
{with natural blonde highlights}
hazel eyes,
and a face that's loaded with acne right now.
i'm in eighth grade.
and best of all, i love  J e s u s 


Lily Marie said...

You love Jesus. That IS the best of all. ;)

Lily Marie said...

P.S. Natural blond highlights are amazing. ;) I have some highlights that are lighter than the rest of my hair, but not quite blond. =) I love that your hair is so wavy!

Carli Nicole said...

Oh, you're so cute! I think your hair is lovely. :) Don't worry, dear.


Sarah H said...

So Sweet!

Molly said...

Hi lulu! I just found your blog and I love it! You should check out my blog at http://mollyslittlecorner.blogspt.com.