Feb 14, 2012

happy love day.

valentine's day is about love, sacrifice, and friendship.
i am blessed with lots of people that love and support me.
and always will, no matter what happens.
no matter what i do or say.
one definition of love=sacrifice.
you can't truly love someone without sacrificing for them.
the best example you can get of love is jesus.
and jesus sacrificed.
jesus' sacrifice was the ultimate sacrifice.
it finished everything.
he said so.
'it is finished'.
remember, love isn't a noun. it's a verb.
it's not a feeling. it's an action.
so have a very happy valentine's day,
and never stop loving.


Lily Marie said...

So encouraging! I love this.
'It is Finished!' are the three greatest words ever spoken.
Love is a verb. And Jesus really verbed the word love. =)
Happy Valentine's from my heart to your's! ;)

Emma Lou said...

I agree... Thanks for posting...

I really like the picture at the end.. Is it yours?

Emma Lou

Lulu Maggie said...

Hey hey Emily! =)
Nope...it's not mine :-) Got it off pinterest! I don't have an account..I just search pictures!