Jan 27, 2012

well, hello

hey, everyone.
it's been quite a long time since i've posted on this lovely little blog!
i'm busy.
i forget about this.
i'm busy in 8th grade.
i have piano to practice,
and cello.
which i need to practice more of.
well, i have a life,
and blogging isn't my top priority.
and frankly, it shouldn't be anyone's top priority,
or even on your top 10 priorities.
just a little bitty, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little reminder to y'all...
to keep your priorities straight.
by the way, this is something i do struggle with.
so don't feel alone.
also, next week, i'm turning fourteen!
i've got some fun things planned:
with my friends~
 i'm having my four closest friends, plus another friend that i want to get to know better, for a sleepover! before the sleepover, we'll go to a movie (War Horse, rated PG-13), Tutti Frutti (deliciouuus frozen yogurt. my favorite. my first love.), and the mall. ;) i am absolutely EXCITED.
with my family~
i'm having family out to eat and have fun together! my family's the best. i couldn't live without them.


Lily Marie said...

Good to hear from you, dear! I understand about blogging-it really isn't on my top 10 priority list either. Maybe number 511. =) I love blogging, but it's hard to keep up with.
Have fun at your sleepover! They are my favorite thing ever. ;) I just love hanging out with my Bffs. Hope you all have a blast! And happy early birthday!!!

Lulu Maggie said...

hello beautiful lily!
awww! thank you! i wish i could invite you! ;)
love ya girll~

Sarah H said...

I've missed your posts.