Apr 16, 2012

a look beneath the makeup.

have you ever been walking through the mall or somewhere else girls our age like to hang out and seen this absolutely gorgeous girl? oh, i wish i could look like her. she's so gorgeous! well, guess what? i sure have. multiple times. but then i just have to remember that God sees that girl the same as He sees me. we're both His creation, and He loves both of us equally!

beneath all that makeup, she's just a regular girl. she's cried herself to sleep, had inexplainable joy, she's had bad hair days and i-feel-fat days. she's human. her makeup isn't what makes her, she makes the makeup.

i'm not anti-makeup, just to let you know, girlies! i actually just recently started wearing makeup {mascara, lipgloss, and foundation}. and you know what? i think it's fun. i think it's a good thing - if you don't wear too much of it or think you're ugly without it.

be the beautiful girl you are - with or without makeup on!

the liquid foundation i use.

the mascara i use.


Molly said...

Great post! I loved it!


Abby said...

I like the way make-up looks, but I always end up rubbing it off. Blah. But I love the way it looks.