Dec 16, 2010

a comment

I just received a comment in my comment moderation saying some pretty ugly things. I, of course, won't publish it. 'Anonymous' said that I was a copycat, saying that I copy Maggie's blog Bliss post by post. Not. I once saw a post with her tips, so I got an idea to post MY OWN tips. I didn't copy her tips. I just thought it'd be neat to post my own.

And I don't copy her posts 'post-by-post'. My recent posts haven't been anything like hers. Like 'Name that Character' 'i heart them' 'miscellany monday (she doesn't do miscellany monday) 'perfection' I don't know where 'Anonymous' got this idea.

'Anonymous' said that 'please act  like you're 12'. I am acting 12. My previous post 'perfection' was completely me. It came to me as I was sitting at this laptop. I'm sorry, but I don't know what other 12 year old acts more 12 year old than me. 'Anonymous' said that her blog is going to be 'waaaaaaaay different' than mine. 'Anonymous' concluded that it was a shame that I had posted Miscellany Monday a day late. I'm sorry, but I just happened to be busy that day. Is that okay with you?

This comment has really discouraged me. I'm not sure if I should keep blogging. Please comment (other than 'Anonymous') with your thoughts.


Michaela said...

I love your blog and think you should keep blogging no matter what anyone says!


Annie said...

Dear Lulu,
I'm sorry this happened to you! Rude comments are not fun or encouraging. I have had to learn that we cannot please everyone, and that if people are offended at what we blog about, they are free to click the red "x" in the upper right hand corner. =)
I think you are doing a super job of blogging at only 12 years old. (And you DO act like it!) Keep it up! =)

Lily said...

You poor girl! Someone as sweet as you doesn't deserve to get nasty comments like that. Your blog is very one-of-a-kind and I LOVE it!
I will perish if you stop blogging. Just kidding, but that would be sad!
Your blog is awesome...don't change it...I think you're doing a very good job with it.
P.S. Anonymous should be ashamed!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Lulu dear,
I'm sorry to hear that you received a rude comment. I recently received a comment a few weeks ago that greatly discouraged me that critized some of my photography. Just keep pressing onward and continue to post things that encourage others, memories and that the Lord will be pleased by. And when you do receive a comment like this, look back on all of the kind comments you have had. The Lord works all things together for good. {Romans 8:28)I've found some similar posts to Bliss's posts in the past, but I constantly am inspired by other bloggers to post new posts. I often give credit to them for the idea, but of course blog ideas are not under copyright or something! =) And I see many, many amazing posts that are not on Bliss, but on here, and some that are on Bliss, and not here, if you know what I mean. I am truly upset with those who discourage others with comments that are not profitable, wholesome or pleasing to the Lord. You have a lovely blog here, Lulu! Keep pressing onward!

Blessings, dear!
Joyfully in Jesus,

{And, by the way, I was especially upset about the misc. monday comment that Anonymous put--everyone is so busy-including me-and I find that a day late is no big problem).

Hannah said...

Thats so rude! A lot of those comments have been flying around blog world. Someone must be eztremely jealous of your awesome blog :)

Lily said...

P.S. Lulu, you definitely act 12!! Trust me. That Anonymous must not know you very well at all. You are Lulu. That's all you have to be. You're amazing and God loves you just how you are.

Laney said...

Aw girl...I am so sorry that someone left you such a rude comment! Everything they said about your blog is so NOT true! Your blog is amazing and totally unique...and that's one of the reasons I love it! Don't let that comment get you down - there are so many people, including me, who love your blog because you're not afraid to be yourself! :) Never let rude words stop you from blogging!
Take this as a way to pray for someone - for all of the people who feel the need to discourage others though comments like this for whatever reason.

If you ever feel let down about your blog, just know that we all love your blog just the way it is!
love in Christ,

Abby said...

How cruel! Your blog is wonderful. :D I agree with Lily, he/she should be ashamed.

Abby :D

Eden said...

Dear Lulu,

I rarely comment but couldn't resist leaving a note for you today.

I can't believe that somebody would leave such a nasty comment like that. It's very WRONG!

Please, don't stop blogging because of that comment...I hope that you stick around as I really love your blog!


MattieR said...

Wow, Lulu! You don't act like you're twelve. You act even older! =)
I'm sorry someone commented so rudely, it hasn't happened on my blog yet but people say some things like that to me in real life sometimes. (imagine that!) It can REALLY be discouraging.
Just keep on keeping on! If you are doing what the Lord wants, He will be sure to bless it.

And PS I think your blog is amazing! You are my inspiration.

Lily said...

P.P.S. Yeah, and who really cares if you forget to do your misc. Monday a day late! That person must not know what a busy life means. ;)

I totally understand and everyone else does too, and don't let one little nasty commenter take away your amazing blogging.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing about "cyberspace" is that 1. people forget there are REAL people, young ladies, families on the other side of the screen and 2. there is no accountability in how one talks to those real people. So Anonymous can come on here and be very nasty and her mother won't know, you won't know, etc. BUT God does know and it breaks His heart when people are so unkind.

Lulu, you are a true gem. An amazing part of our family and very loved & cherished by many. I'm sorry this has been such a tough week for you but my prayer is that you will use this trial to lean hard into the Lord and let him be the first to comfort you and remind you how precious you are to HIM. He is your only audience and you make Him (& me) smile!

Love you!! Mom

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, how rude! I believe that you're a natural blogger, Lulu! You do very well at only 12 years and I can relate to alot of your posts. Which just proves that you don't copy 'Bliss' at all. Your blog is such a refreshing site to visit and blesses many people! Your posts always make me laugh. Don't stop cheering up others through blogging. Don't let ugly words get ya down. Hop right back up and show that Anonymous Who you live for!

P.S. They must be really jealous of your blog, b-cuz it's so awesome! :)

miss m said...

Keep blogging, dear! Forget about that Anonymous. The words aren't true anyway. Your blog is very mature for your age. It really like it, trust me. <3

Anonymous said...

Gonna try this again since my first comment got lost in cyberspace...

Here's the thing about cyberspace...people feel free to say anything they want, things they wouldn't say to your face because's easy to be negative to a screen, forgetting there is a real person with a heart on the other side & 2. there is no accountability if they go "anonymous"-you don't know who they are, their mom won't see it or find out, etc. However, God does see it and it must break His heart.

Lulu, you are an amazing girl, loved and cherished by so many "real life" and obviously cyberspace friends and family. I am sorry you've had such a hard week, but I pray you will use this trial to lean hard into the Lord and remember that first and foremost He is your audience and if you are pleasing Him that is what is most important. If you are ministering to others, which I think you are, yes, you will get attacked.

Keep doing what you're doing and don't let anyone discourage you.

Love, Mom

Miss RJ @ Virtuous Girlhood said...

Hi Lulu,

I'm sorry this happened. People can be really mean. For 12yo your doing a GREAT job. You are very mature, and you can tell that through your writing. You don't have spelling mistakes in your posts, your grammar is correct, and your blog is fun, encouraging, and cool!

You were a BIG help to me when you blogged for me and I enjoyed having you write for Virtuous Girlhood. I remember when I was 12 and I had people tell me some pretty nasty things. (even Christians)

The thing is you gotta just focus on the positive. Try to forget about the negative comments, rude people, and you'll be fine! Some people just are mean on purpose. I've found that "mean girls" often feel bad about themselves so they try to make others feel bad about themselves so THEY can feel good. Make sense? Just ignore people like that. They don't build you up, they tear you down.

Keep up the great work. I love to read your posts. You make me smile (alot) Don't stop blogging. You have a writing talent!!!!

Miss RJ

Sarah H said...

That is one of the hardest things about blogging; sooner or later someone will just leave a nasty comment.
One time, a girl left a mean one telling me that I had no business giving writing advice because I wasn't published. It was hurtful but I knew that most of my readers were aspiring authors that liked the advice.
Don't let one negative comment ruin what you have here.


Kendra said...

You are doing an awesome job blogging. There is some mean Anonymous commenter that has been leaving comments about. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. Be yourself, be you, be who God wants you to be. Don't get discouraged because of one little comment

Lulu said...


Thanks *so* much for your uber encouraging comments. :) I'm trying to remember the positive comments I have and forget the few negative ones.

Oh, what a blessing it is to have sisters in Christ to encourage you, even if it is on Blogger! You're all so special to me! I know I'll meet you all in heaven, hopefully sooner! :)

I wish I could give you all a great big hug!

Blessings {and xx}

Bethany Joy said...

I am sorry that you received that comment. I haven't gotten a mean comment yet, and hope that I never will. Please don't stop blogging! I have enjoyed looking through blog, and I really enjoy it!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I was wondering how did you came across my blog?

Annie said...

I know I already commented on this post, but I thought I'd leave another one. :)
Here is a link you might want to check out...

Again, I just want to remind you that we cannot please everyone, and we will receive criticism. Jesus promises that we as Christians will be persecuted. I know it is rather discouraging, but do not dwell on the negative thoughts that an anonymous commenter leaves. It was cowardly of them, but we do not need to be completely desperate because of it. (Please do not think I am accusing you, I'm simply leaving sisterly advice..that's ALL.) You've done a great job dealing with it so far, so keep at it!
Please check out the link, I think you will find it helpful. You may even want to put the button on your blog if the rude comments continue.

iwrite4u said...

Sometimes it happens to me in real life, but you gotta stick it out and remember all the positive comments you've gotten. if someone doesn't approve of your blog, they have no right to leash out all their unkind thoughts. That one little twirp just showed the world how immature he/she is. :D I love your blog, even though I hardly ever comment.

Joy said...

Ditto to your mom's comment! You are a wonderful Christian girl, and I'm always encouraged by your posts! P.S. I would bet that Anonymous isn't a Christian... Hayley R

Alexandra! said...

That's mean...
I really like your blog! :):):)